QUIMIVITA is a company dedicated to the manufacture, marketing and distribution of Chemical Products and Laboratory Reagents and to the marketing and distribution of material and equipment for the laboratory and industry.

The group’s management, aware of the importance of sustainability and risk management, assumes the implementation, maintenance and improvement of a quality, environmental and occupational safety management system under the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

The principles on which our system is based are:

  1. We carry out our strategy to be your specialised distributor as well as partner of our customers in high added value products in the sectors of:
    • Human food

    • Animal nutrition

    • Pharmacy

    • Veterinary

    • Cosmetics

    • Industry

    • Laboratory equipment
  2. Distribution concept: Partners with manufacturers to complement their commercial policies in order to reach every corner of the market.
  3. Ambitious expansion policy: Clear commercial strategy focused on organic growth and the acquisition of related companies.
  4. Vocation of service and quality: We are fully confident that we will be able to satisfy your needs, meeting your requirements, in the supply of chemical products and we hope to count on your collaboration to continue developing our current lines of business.
  5. Sustainability: To provide the organisation with all the material and human resources necessary to develop the preventive policy.
    • Preventive and proactive attitude.
    • Pollution prevention. Reduction of waste, dumping and emissions.
    • Prevention of errors in supplies. Integral control of the supply chain.
    • Prevention of accidents at work. Elimination of risks, protection and information.
  6. Continuous improvement: All personnel will ensure the continuous improvement of the organisation, eliminating non-value activities, improving and optimising key processes, reducing the environmental impact of our activity and improving safety. To this end, annual objectives will be established and exhaustive monitoring will be carried out.
  7. Human Resources: Clear commitment to training, communication, information, awareness, participation and motivation of personnel as the main asset of the organisation.
  8. Legal compliance: Identification, evaluation and compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements that affect us, especially environmental, occupational safety, pharmaceutical and food requirements, collaborating with organisations and institutions in this area.
  9. Quality, environment and prevention are everyone’s responsibility. Errors and accidents can, and must, be avoided.



Management, October 2021