Qvita Wellness®
Enrichment premix

Taylor made and own formulas to enrich the food products. There is a trend in the global market to enrich food with nutrients in order to provide beneficial characteristics for health and well-being. Innovations in this regard are the direction of food evolution.

Type of product

  • Infant Food

  • Women

  • Adults

  • Sport

  • Seniors

  • Special diets: vegan, celiac…

Actions and benefits

  • Adaptability to the laws and regulations of each country

  • Customized products according to the specific needs of each client

  • Adaptability in each type of application

  • Flexibility in packaging type and size

  • Special analysis for each application

  • High production capacity

  • Specialized advice



Guarantee production quality:
bring better nutrient homogeneity


Simplify production processes: reduction of weighing and dosing steps


Dosage and nutritional parameters adapted to customer’s process


Fortification of products to achieve the functional foods nutritional standards

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