Qvita VegPro Essentials®

Concentrated protein made from Medicago sativa specially developed for a variety of solutions, including nutraceuticals and functional food.

Who is it for


Qvita VegPro Essentials® vitamins help to maintain bone mass, avoiding age-related problems. Its manganese content reduces oxidative stress that threatens to degrade the body’s cells. The Ω3 and Ω6 content forms the perfect equation to keep cholesterol at bay, in addition to reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases, arthritis or loss of muscle mass.


Qvita VegPro Essentials® helps to reduce the state of fatigue caused by menstruation. Its high content of iron, manganese, and vitamin B9 helps to cut down tiredness and prevent anemia, which affects more than 20% of women during menstruation.


Qvita VegPro Essentials® has been naturally optimized to improve performance and recovery for sports person. Its high-quality protein promotes muscle growth and its contribution of vitamin B9 and iron reduces fatigue during training.


Qvita VegPro Essentials® contains all the essential amino acids in addition to providing a high biological value protein content that is perfect for vegan diets.


The calcium content is perfect for building and maintaining healthy bones and teeth for children. The supply of Ω3 promotes growth, complemented by proteins of high biological value that allow the development of strong and healthy muscles.


(with only 10g)


  • Bones and teeth

  • Reduced bone loss in postmenopausal women

  • Bone growth and development in children

Vitamin A

  • Immunity

  • Cell specialisation

  • Vision


  • Maintenance of normal energy metabolism

  • Maintenance of normal bones

  • Protection of cells against oxidative stress

  • Helps formation of connective tissue


  • Muscle growth

  • Maintenance of bone mass

  • Bone growth in children

Ω 3

  • Cholesterol reduction

  • Children’s growth and development


  • Vision

  • Antioxidant action

Vitamin B9

  • Tissue growth during pregnancy

  • Cell division

  • Reduction of fatigue


  • Red blood formation

  • Cognitive functions

  • Reduction of fatigue

Vitamin K1

  • Maintenance of bone mass

Vitamin E

  • Protection of cells against oxidative stress


– Functional food

– Nutraceuticals

Solution based on

Concentrated protein
made from Medicago sativa


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