Vita Naturgel®

Vita Naturgel® is a water-soluble natural hydrocolloid extracted from certain species of red seaweed – Rhodophyceae and brown algae.

This plant-based thickener is composed of carefully selected algae, producing exceptional organoleptic characteristics and increases the natural feel of cosmetic products.

It is the ideal alternative to thickeners containing microplastics.


  • Lotions

  • Shampoos

  • Body butter

  • Shaving cream and gel

  • Natural toothpaste

  • Shower jellies

Actions and benefits

  • Gelling, thickening and stabilizing, it allows to obtain smooth and creamy textures in emulsions and surfactant systems.

  • It can be used to replace synthetic products in shampoos, bath gels, lotions and other formulations in general.


Vita Naturgel® is a biopolymer
with benefits for cosmetic formulations

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