Vita Silky Fluid®

Innovative, natural, functional and perfect alternative to light emollients like D5. Vita Silky Fluid® is a green emollient specifically designed to provide high-performing natural alternative.

This functional ingredient has a versatile use in personal care products. Skin Care products formulated with

Vita Silky Fluid®, provide a luminous film and silky effect. In Hair Care products, it combines better sensory with extra natural shine.


  • Skin care products

  • Solar products

  • Hair care products

Actions and benefits

  • Natural origin (no GMO)

  • Powerful aid for light textures
    and outstanding sensory profiles

  • Biodegradable

  • High purity of alkanes

  • Perfect for natural formulations

  • Fast spreading

  • Good dispersing capacity of

    physical filters, TIO2, ZnO

  • Supports skin softness

Evaporation profile

Extensibility Pattern

Application of 0.05 mL in absorbent support to visualize extensibility over time


Sensorial Skin Feel Silky Touch

Vita Silky Fluid® offers the most sensitive skin touch on application


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