Vita Hya-proaging®

Vita Hya-Proaging® is obtained by enzymatic degradation. The technology used break the chain based on ordinary Sodium Hyaluronate obtaining Oligo Sodium Hyaluronate. The enzymatic degradation makes it more stable and durable.

Vita Hya-Proaging® can penetrate easier into the skin thanks to its molecular weight. It has a molecular weight of less than 10kDa, an average size of less than 25nm, and a cell gap of about 40-50nm.


  • Moisturising products from serums to mask

  • Anti-wrinkles

  • Premium anti-aging products

Actions and benefits

  • Hydrate with epidermal cells

  • Lock water deeply

  • Replenish water

  • Improve skin moisture content thanks to the good transdermal absorption

  • Make skin smooth, deeply moist and firminge

  • High purity, no cytotoxicity

  • Free radical scavenging

  • Recovery effect after sunburn




Vita Hya-proaging® can be absorbed through the skin, which can quickly hydrate with epidermal cells, lock water deeply, replenish water, and improve skin moisture content.

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Vita Hya-proaging® has the ability of scavenging and reducing free radical. It prevents anti-aging due to sun exposure.

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Nutrition of skin and

repair of damaged cells

Vita Hya-proaging® can repair damaged cells, improve cell viability and promote wound healing. Making healthier skin, improving smothness, moisture and firmness.

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