Vita Hya-hair Repair®

Vita Hya-Hair Repair® is the perfect combination of three ingredients to protect the hair from any damaged. It helps nourishing the hair, improving combing and general moisturizing.


  • Conditioner

  • Shampoo

  • Mask

  • Serum

Actions and benefits

  • Easily absorbed on hair surface

  • Improving protective scalp condition function

  • Improves combing, in addition to giving it a more silker touch and a brighter appearance

  • Scalp care by nourishing it

  • Prevents uv damage to hair and scalp

  • Long Lasting Moisturizing



Vita Hya-hair Repair® contains high molecular weight Sodium Hyaluronate, which can form a highly dense protective film on the hair surface, It reduces water loss by providing long lasting moisturizing. It prevents UV damage to hair and scalp.

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Efficient moisturizing

Vita Hya-hair Repair® absorbes so deeply that it is not easy to be washed.

With double moisturizing effect, it improves the hair’s combing and anti-static properties, making the hair more soft and shiny.

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Improves the protective barrier function of the scalp

The Sodium Hyaluronate in Vita Hya-hair Repair® enhances the moisturizing capacity of the scalp. It avoids the pruritus and dandruff caused by scalp’s dryness.

Fast penetration and deep moisturizing, improve scalp’s functionality.

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