Exfobreeze® from Quimivita is a gentle scrub indicate for all kind of skins.

This functional exfoliator provides the perfect match for your skin because it’s mild and gentle and at the same time reminds you of its origin, the Mediterranean forest.


  • Face scrubs

  • Body scrubs

Actions and benefits

  • Completely derived from natural

    and renewable resources

  • Gentle and mild exfoliation

  • Environmental friendly alternative

    to sharp edge abrasives and

    non-degradable beads

  • Green ingredient

  • Excellent performance

  • Circular economy

  • Ocean friendly exfoliator

  • Upcycled ingredient

Two types of Exfobreeze®

(Different size particles)
Exfobreeze® Face 0,5-1mm

Exfobreeze® Body 1-2mm

from the Mediterranean forest to your skin

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