10 Olive®

Bonderm 10 Olive® is a 100% natural emulsifier.

This emulsionant is designed to provide a highly hydrating and radiant effect on the skin.

Bonderm 10 Olive® helps to provide a smooth a soft skin sensation, maintaining the moisture level of the skin.

It is suitable for all types of skin and it is free from useless chemicals.


  • Skin care products

  • Solar products

  • Hair care products

  • Color cosmetics

  • Baby care

Actions and benefits

  • Emulsifier for natural O/W emulsions, with outstanding sensoriality

  • Very low usage concentration (3-5%)

  • Compatible with a wide variety of oil components, can be selected depending on the application profile of the desired emulsion

  • Suitable for creamy textures and lotions

  • Formulations without co-emulsifiers

  • Promotes lamellar structure

  • Soft and supple skin feel

  • Supports skin softness

  • Moisturizing properties

  • Excellent skin compatibility


  • 100% derived from
    renewable feedstocks

  • Suitable for EO-Free concepts

  • Without preservatives

Cosmetic effectiveness

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