We are
Quimivita, specialized in

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since 1964

We are Quimivita,
specialised in food and cosmetic ingredients, laboratory equipment and industrial technologies, as well as veterinary and pharmaceutical applications since 1964


We present a wide range of ingredient solutions for application in different sectors of the food industry. We advise you on the design and formulation of your products.



We supply innovative ingredients that provide visible benefits in body, oral and hair care. We offer you advice on the creation and development of new products and concepts.



We offer you the widest catalog on the market of the main international brands in laboratory equipment.



We bring you our experience in the development of products for the industry. We offer technical service to carry out material tests at your facilities.


Pharma & Vet

We offer you our own products and those by the brands we represent, all compliant with internationally-recognized Pharmacopoeia standards. We offer customized manufacturing, mixing and packaging services.


Our latest releases

Vita Cell Renova®

Perfect combination for a young and rejuvenated skin. Exfoliation achieves a more radiant, healthy-looking skin.

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Bonderm 10 Olive®

Its main function is to retain water to keep the tissues well lubricated and moist, making the skin looks younger and more radiant.

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Vita Naturgel®

A water-soluble natural hydrocolloid extracted from certain species of red seaweed – Rhodophyceae and brown algae.

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VitaCBD® HempSeed Oil

Rich in vitamins, nutrients, and essential fatty acids. The ideal ingredient for soothing, moisturizing and nourishing the skin and hair.

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Qvita VegPro Essentials®

Concentrated protein made from Medicago sativa specially developed for a variety of solutions, including nutraceuticals and functional food.

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Qvita Mineral Salts®

We offer all types of high quality mineral salts which complement and give food nutritional value.

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Qvita Senior Glucoforte®

Provides the elderly with a combination of nutrients that promote optimal carbohydrate metabolism.

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About us & our business

More than 55 years of experience offering solutions to clients for the development of products with high performance and profitability.

We work with the best international brands of chemical ingredients and laboratory equipment.

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